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Kelly Helsinger

5"x7" Original Mixed Media: "Untitled Prototype No. 2410"

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The Brain Fog Series: 

The thing I need most to function has been rebelling against me my entire adult life. I have been lucky enough to struggle with chronic depression and migraines. Both of which can leave my brain feeling like tenderized meat. Brain fog makes me question my abilities. All thoughts move slower. Words get jumbled or sometimes disappear entirely and simple tasks can feel impossible. 

There are good days and bad days. I truly relish the good days. They make me hope that this experience is transient and not perpetual. Brain fog is a symptom of many disorders and I feel for anyone suffering along with me.

Product Specifications​

  • Mixed media photo collage on 3-ply wood panel (acrylic paint, pigment ink, rice paper, pastels)
  • Actual dimension: 5"x 7" , 1/8" profile
  • Thin wood surfaces like this do not like to lay completely flat. Warping is expected and normal but the piece lays perfectly flat when displayed in a frame (which is the display format I recommend).

Framing Tips: 

As noted above, this piece should be framed for the best results while displaying it. I've put this post together with tips: 

How to Frame Wood Panel Art - Blog Post