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Kelly Helsinger

8"x10" Original Mixed Media: "Persephone Above Prototype"

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The Persephone Series

I've been thinking about the concept of duality in identity lately and how we can be two completely opposing things in the same body. This duo I'm working on represents that. Persephone Above and Persephone Below. We can be full of life and possibility like spring and we can be dark and cold like winter. 🌱❄️ Being at peace with my own identity has involved practicing acceptance of my own dual nature.

This prototype was my first "sketch" of Persephone Above. The final version of this piece can be seen in the last picture with its counterpart, Persephone Below. 

Product Specifications

  • Mixed media: acrylic paint, pigment ink, and rice paper
  • Actual dimension: 8"x 10" , 1/8" profile
  • Thin wood surfaces like this do not like to lay completely flat. Warping is expected and normal but the piece lays perfectly flat when displayed in a frame (which is the display format I recommend).
  • Framing Tips: How to Frame Wood Panel Art - Blog Post

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