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Kelly Helsinger

First Edition Fine Art Print: "Dispersion II"

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The Other Body Series: Dispersion

The Other Body honors the incorporeal emotional body within us. When our physical body is injured or out of homeostasis, we can see this clearly, but what happens when we are emotionally injured, or stressed, or joyful? What does the emotional body look like in different states?

The Dispersion Collection explores when the emotional body is rooted in a natural setting. When I am uneasy, I seek nature and desire to be surrounded by towering trees and lush foliage. Whether at dusk, midday, or dawn, this environment disperses my other body.  

 Product Specifications

  • Printed with pigment ink on 68lb satin photo paper (contains OBA on acid-free base)
  • Each print is signed and numbered on the front.
  • This is a limited edition print run of 10.
  • Prints are packaged in protective plastic sleeve with hardboard backing.
  • Does not include mat board or frame.
  • Print dimensions listed measure total width and height of paper including border.

Fine Art Print Basics

Fine art prints (a.k.a. giclee prints) last for decades when taken care of properly. Archival inks are pigment based which resist fading from sunlight and atmospheric gases much better than dye based inks. Make sure to keep your print protected behind glass, out of direct sunlight, or in a closed album to ensure it has a long lasting and vibrant life.

All aspects of the print making process, from photographing to printing, are handled by the artist.